About the High Wheeler Train Show

Some of the show layouts

The High Wheeler Train Show is sponsored by the Fox Valley Division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). Our charter is "To promote, the art and craft of model railroading and preserve its history, science, and technology." High Wheeler is not a "swap-meet or flea market" but an exhibition of Model Railroads to acquaint the public with the many sizes, shapes and possibilities of the hobby. Whether your involvement is in modeling, operating, enjoying trains or watching the smile on an engaged child's face, it is an interest that is truly "fun for all ages!"

Historical Railroad Infrastructure. Photo courtesy of Donald Cook.

The Railroads were the backbone of the economic development of this country. Model railroading is a way to capture slices of our history -- whether it be past or present day -- and preserve those favorite memories. Our goal is to raise the level of awareness to possibilities that exist on how to do just that. Your visit to High Wheeler is not just a day's entertainment but a place to garner know-how, experiences, tools, tips, ideas and fellowship. Have fun being your railroad's president, engineer, designer, dispatcher, conductor, brakeman -- whatever role you desire -- and then enjoy the great satisfaction of knowing you made it happen.


The NMRA is a national association of model railroad hobbyists that connects fellow modelers of all ages and backgrounds willing to share the many aspects of their hobby. The NMRA also establishes and maintains recommended practices and dimensional standards for the various scales allowing for interoperability of equipment from manufacturers adopting those standards.

FVD Membership

The NMRA is divided into regions and local divisions that facilitate networking of the membership in planned activities such as meetings, local, regional & national conventions, informative clinics, excursions and social activities. We not only work within our own association, but with Boy Scouts, schools or other interested groups to spread the word, teach techniques and develop appreciation for the hobby. Your knowledge and enjoyment of model railroading will directly benefit from the association's activities. NMRA services beyond local events include: a monthly subscription to NMRA Magazine - a 1st class, 4 color publication with updates on what's happening in the hobby and articles of interest: access to manufacturing and operational standards, data sheets and periodical indexes; the Kalmbach Memorial Library; member question and answer services are also included with your membership.

FVD Membership

The Fox Valley Division is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Illinois -- one of many divisions of the NMRA. Regular meetings are generally held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from September through May, 1:30 pm thru 4:30 pm, at the Gary Morava Recreation Center, 110 W. Camp McDonald Road, Prospect Heights, IL 60070. Activities include division business, discussion clinics, hobby contests, prizes, refreshments & occasional excursions. The meetings are free and guests are welcome to come and learn about the NMRA. All train show proceeds are used to support the Fox Valley Division & the hobby-related, community activities in which we are involved.

FVD Airbrushing Demo

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of the hobby, stop by the NMRA membership booth at this show or check out the NMRA website at http://www.nmra.org/. For information about local hobby activities in this area, see the Fox Valley Division website at http://www.foxvalleydivision.org/


In the mean time... Enjoy the Show!

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